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The twenty-seventh annual Georgia Labor Management Conference will be held on June 15 - 17th at the Savannah Riverfront Marriott, Savannah, Georgia. This year's program will feature plenary sessions on Energy sector trends, Movie and Video Production Industry, Labor Law updates, Healthcare challenges, Staffing and Scheduling trends, Collective Bargaining in a changing world.


Featured speakers for this year's conference include Marty Mulloy, past President of the Labor and Employment Relations Association, and author of Inside the Ford-UAW Transformation - Pivotal Events in Valuing Work and Delivering Results, Public Service Comissioner Tim Echols, Anne Kaiser, VP of Community Development Georgia Power Company, Pre-conference workshop on the proposed Opportunity School District constitutional amendment, Team-building activities will include bowling, fishing and golf tournaments. The ever popular bingo night will be held on Thursday evening, June 16th.

Registration Information:

Registration is $255 for attendees. Deadline for Early Registration is May 28. Rates increase for on-site registration.

Registration includes:

  • All workshops and sessions
  • Meals (lunch on Wednesday, dinner Thursday, and breakfast on Friday)
  • Teambuilding activity of your choice (golf, bowling, or fishing)
  • Bingo! (Thursday after dinner)

No refunds for cancellation after May 31 . A $50 cancellation fee will be charged for all canceled conference registrations. Requests for cancellation must be made in writing and e-mailed to

Book your room at the Savannah Riverfront Marriott:

Single Occupancy is $149/night (plus state and local taxes)
Double Occupancy is $149/night (plus state and local taxes)
Additional person is $20/night
Junior Executive Suite is $199/night (plus state and local taxes)
One Bedroom Parlor Suite is $373/night (plus state and local taxes)
Two Bedroom Parlor Suite is $522/night (plus state and local taxes)
Book online, or call 800-285-0398
Need to register a guest? Click here for Guest Registration.


When working people join together to form a union, we win.

Working folks speaking up together through a union not only raise wages, but also improve working conditions for everyone. Unions are the great counterweight to greedy corporate CEOs: strong unions mean a strong middle class.


STEP ONE: Know Your Rights

Federal and state laws guarantee the right to form unions. Eligible employees have the right to express their views on unions, to talk with their co-workers about their interest in forming a union, to wear union buttons and to attend union meetings. (Supervisors and a few other types of employees customarily are excluded from coverage.)

Despite these laws, many employers strongly resist their employees' efforts to gain a voice at work through unionization. So, before youstart talking union where you work, get in touch with a union that will help you organize.

STEP TWO: Find Out Which Union Is Right for You

To form a union on the job, you need the backup and hands-on help from the union you are seeking to join. If you don't already know which union is most able to help you, find out more about the unions affiliated with the AFL-CIO by visiting their websites. Many of these websites enable you to contact the right person there directly to help you form a union.

In communities across the country, the AFL-CIO has local and state councils where unions come together to work toward common goals. To find out about union activity in your community, visit the website of your state federation of labor or central labor council or check local directory assistance for this phone listing. Staff members at these offices can put you in touch with a local union that is right for you.

STEP THREE: Find Out About Working America

If forming a union with your coworkers isn’t a real possibility for you, you can still be a part of the union movement by joining Working America, the AFL-CIO’s community affiliate for people who don’t have a union at work.

STEP FOUR: Get in Touch with a Union Organizer

Union organizers assist employees in forming unions on the job to give them the same opportunity for a say at work, good wages and decent working conditions.

Worker Misclassification affects tens of thousands of workers around Georgia, every day. Whether they are truck drivers at the Port of Savannah, Stagehands at the Rock & Roll venues in Atlanta, or Construction workers across our State - this practice is widespread, and must end.

What is worker misclassification? Simply put - it occurs when a worker is paid as an independent contractor (1099), but is treated like an employee (told when to show up, what to do, what to wear, etc).

The result is hundreds of millions of dollars in lost wages and state tax revenues every year. Workers don't receive the same protection, workers compensation or unemployment insurance.

The vast majority of business owners are doing the right thing and following state law. However it is nearly impossible to discover the unscrupulous businesses, because there is currently no mechanism to report this practice.

We need you to contact your State Representative ask them to support House Bill 500 to further define in statute, worker misclassification. And to make sure there are adequate whistle-blower protections for the workers who would report this practice.


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